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Height179cm Chest49cm Waist93cm Inseam77cm Collar43cm Sleeve58cm Suit118cm/56.5 HairSalt and Pepper EyesHazel
Aaron Cluka
Height172cm Chest124cm Waist105cm Inseam76cm Collar50cm Sleeve69cm Suit106cm/52 Shoe43 EU/9 UK HairDirty Blonde EyesBlue/Grey
Aaron Watson
Height190cm Chest73cm Waist51cm Inseam49cm Collar33cm Sleeve50cm Suit81cm/42 HairBlack EyesBrown
Abda Hakim Wario
Height177cm Chest93cm Waist86cm Inseam72cm Collar42cm Sleeve62cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesBrown
Adam Lefrancke
Height105cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesAmber Age6
Adam Lim
Height183cm Chest98cm Waist89cm Inseam75cm Collar43cm Sleeve83cm Suit112cm/54 Shoe44.5 EU/10 UK HairBrown EyesHazel
Adam O'Neill
Height183cm Chest87cm Waist81cm Inseam89cm Collar46cm Sleeve64cm Suit81cm/42 Suit LengthR Shoe43 EU/9 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Ajay Jhim
Height180cm Chest80cm Waist64cm Inseam40cm Collar28cm Sleeve41cm Suit104cm/51 HairBlack EyesBlack
Alberto Juárez Grifaldo
Height175cm Chest108cm Waist97cm Inseam47cm Collar33cm Sleeve48cm Suit88cm/44.5 HairBlonde EyesBlue/Grey
Aleksei Rozhdestvenskii
Height180cm Chest90cm Waist71cm Inseam73cm Collar40cm Sleeve62cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesHazel
Alex Dixon
Height170cm Chest79cm Waist71cm Inseam80cm Collar35cm Sleeve56cm Suit LengthS Shoe42.5 EU/8.5 UK Size16 HairAsh Blonde EyesBrown Age16
Alex Kerr
Height172cm Chest95cm Waist87cm Inseam70cm Collar38cm Sleeve51cm Suit88cm/44.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Amad Khan
Height31cm Chest35cm Waist38cm Inseam46cm Collar33cm Sleeve44cm Suit87cm/44 HairBlack EyesBlue Age15
Aman Devta
Height195cm Chest95cm Waist92cm Inseam81cm Collar41cm Sleeve84cm Suit96cm/48 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue/Green
Andre Wood
Height186cm Waist107cm Shoe48.5 EU/13 UK HairBrown EyesBlue/Green
Andrew Lomas
Height172cm Chest110cm Waist113cm Inseam82cm Collar51cm Sleeve66cm Suit110cm/53.5 HairGrey EyesBrown
Andrew Smith
Height193cm Chest104cm Waist93cm Inseam90cm Collar39cm Sleeve65cm Suit108cm/52.5 HairDark Brown EyesHazel
Andrew J Smith
Height184cm Chest112cm Waist97cm Inseam110cm Collar41cm Sleeve67cm Suit109cm/53 HairBrown Venetian EyesBlue
Angus Mccool
Height192cm Chest131cm Waist128cm Inseam69cm Collar51cm Sleeve60cm Suit130cm/61 HairBlack EyesBlack
Ankaramy Fepuleai
Height195cm Chest122cm Waist107cm Inseam40cm Collar32cm Sleeve48cm Suit111cm/53.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Anthony Fruean
Height112cm Chest60cm Waist48cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesBrown Age9
Height175cm Chest97cm Waist88cm Inseam67cm Collar41cm Sleeve50cm Suit91cm/46 HairSilver EyesBlue
Archer Davis
Height60cm Chest34cm Waist37cm Inseam42cm Collar27cm Sleeve41cm Suit84cm/43 HairBrunette EyesBlue Age17 Months
Arlo Sharma
Height87cm Chest49cm Waist51cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 Shoe23.5 EU/6.5 UK (kids) Size2 - 3 HairBrown EyesBrown Age18 Months
Arlo Matthew Pabon
Height193cm Chest90cm Waist76cm Inseam78cm Collar40cm Sleeve60cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesBlue
Ashton Duxfield
Height183cm Chest127cm Waist122cm Inseam88cm Collar51cm Sleeve49cm Suit127cm/60 HairBlack EyesBrown
Augustus Isaako
Height192cm Chest43cm Waist90cm Inseam75cm Collar38cm Sleeve70cm Suit108cm/52.5 HairDirty Blonde EyesBlue
Baden Richards
Height185cm Chest96cm Waist82cm Inseam76cm Collar44cm Sleeve76cm Shoe44.5 EU/10 UK HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Ben Aitkenhead
Height172cm Chest110cm Waist124cm Inseam73cm Collar41cm Sleeve61cm Suit118cm/56.5 HairGrey-Black EyesHazel
Ben Bradshaw
Height168cm Chest67cm Waist72cm Inseam51cm Collar39cm Sleeve79cm Suit101cm/50 HairBlack EyesBlack
Ben Fernandez
Height185cm Chest98cm Waist86cm Inseam82cm Collar37cm Sleeve86cm Suit108cm/52.5 HairBlonde EyesGreen/Brown
Ben Grobler-Kalinowsky
Height154cm Chest73cm Waist61cm Shoe25.5 EU/8 UK (kids) Size12 - 13 HairBrown EyesHazel Age12
Benjamin Knock
Height178cm Chest82cm Waist65cm Inseam81cm Collar37cm Sleeve58cm Suit99cm/49 HairDark Brown EyesHazel
Benjamin Prosser
Height183cm Chest101cm Waist86cm Inseam86cm Collar40cm Sleeve91cm Suit86cm/44 HairRed EyesBlue/Grey
Benjamin Strickland
Height173cm Chest84cm Waist76cm Inseam67cm Collar38cm Sleeve59cm Suit91cm/46 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
Benji Clark
Height186cm Chest104cm Waist86cm Inseam76cm Collar46cm Sleeve76cm Suit85cm/43.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Bhaskar Kohli
Height78cm Size9 - 12 months HairBlonde EyesBlue Age2
Blake and Jackson Wilkins
Height141cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar35cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBlack EyesBrown Age9
Bradley Vincent
Height185cm Chest119cm Waist92cm Inseam79cm Collar43cm Sleeve51cm Suit97cm/48 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
Brandon Herbert
Height181cm Chest99cm Waist84cm Inseam89cm Collar39cm Sleeve70cm Suit96cm/48 HairBrown EyesBrown
Brodie Miller
Height190cm Chest94cm Waist92cm Inseam56cm Collar36cm Sleeve86cm Suit95cm/47.5 HairBrunette EyesBlue
Brook Churchouse
Height184cm Chest111cm Waist84cm Inseam48cm Collar38cm Sleeve65cm Suit109cm/53 HairLight Brown EyesBrown
Bruno Carvalho
Height183cm Chest98cm Waist76cm Inseam79cm Collar39cm Sleeve67cm Suit92cm/46 HairDirty Blonde EyesBlue
Bryce Fairweather
Height154cm Chest70cm Waist61cm Inseam68cm Collar29cm Sleeve58cm Suit81cm/42 HairBlonde EyesBlue/Green Age13
Brydon Storey
Height191cm Chest35cm Waist35cm Inseam80cm Collar39cm Sleeve63cm Suit85cm/43.5 HairDark Blonde EyesHazel
Bryn Monk
Height183cm Chest82cm Waist69cm Inseam90cm Collar34cm Sleeve61cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairAsh Blonde EyesGreen/Brown Age15
Byron Bell-Burgess
Height197cm Chest118cm Waist91cm Inseam71cm Collar36cm Sleeve95cm Suit117cm/56 HairBrown EyesBrown
Cadell Millwood
Height183cm Chest95cm Waist80cm Inseam56cm Collar43cm Sleeve60cm Suit104cm/51 HairBrown EyesGreen
Callum New
Height188cm Chest85cm Waist77cm Inseam77cm Collar40cm Sleeve86cm Suit95cm/47.5 HairBrown EyesBrown
Callum Rennie
Height196cm Chest44cm Waist92cm Inseam44cm Collar42cm Sleeve107cm Suit107cm/52 HairBrown EyesBrown
Carlos Humphris
Height160cm Chest76cm Waist87cm Inseam72cm Collar33cm Sleeve64cm Suit111cm/53.5 HairBlack EyesBrown Age11
Carlos Robertson
Height182cm Chest97cm Waist86cm Inseam83cm Collar42cm Sleeve60cm Suit100cm/49.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Carlos Fernando Martinez ambuila
Height164cm Chest81cm Waist72cm Inseam59cm Collar42cm Sleeve55cm Suit123cm/58.5 HairBrown Venetian EyesBlue/Grey Age15
Charlie Ullrich
Height106cm Chest59cm Waist52cm Inseam41cm Collar31cm Sleeve47cm Suit81cm/42 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue Age5
Chase Gardiner
Height86cm Chest49cm Waist55cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit95cm/47.5 Shoe25 EU/7.5 UK (kids) Size2 - 3 HairBrown EyesGreen/Brown Age18 Months
Chase Matthew Pabon
Height185cm Chest97cm Waist84cm Inseam75cm Collar43cm Sleeve81cm Suit105cm/51.5 HairLight Brown EyesBlue
Chester Huston
Height180cm Chest96cm Waist86cm Inseam72cm Collar38cm Sleeve58cm Suit103cm/50.5 Shoe44 EU/9.5 UK HairBrown EyesGreen/Brown
Chris Harrison
Height193cm Chest60cm Waist38cm Inseam54cm Collar30cm Sleeve96cm Suit96cm/48 HairBlack EyesBrown
Christian Mausia
Height186cm Chest92cm Waist77cm Inseam54cm Collar36cm Sleeve61cm Suit96cm/48 Shoe45.5 EU/10.5 UK HairBrown EyesBlue
Connor Aldersley
Height167cm Chest35cm Waist75cm Inseam70cm Collar38cm Sleeve49cm Suit86cm/44 Shoe41 EU/7.5 UK Size168cm HairBlue EyesBlue
Cory Hebben
Height191cm Chest112cm Waist98cm Shoe45 EU/10.5 UK HairBrown EyesHazel
Craig Darlington
Height175cm Chest140cm Waist107cm Inseam63cm Collar51cm Sleeve64cm Suit137cm/64 Shoe46.5 EU/11.5 UK HairBrown EyesHazel
Craig Sunnex
Height172cm Chest108cm Waist103cm Inseam82cm Collar43cm Sleeve90cm Suit104cm/51 HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Daiman Katu
Height175cm Chest112cm Waist91cm Inseam71cm Collar43cm Sleeve43cm Suit112cm/54 HairBrown EyesBrown
dale furbish
Height180cm Chest102cm Waist36cm Inseam84cm Collar45cm Sleeve89cm Suit92cm/46 HairDark Brown EyesBlue/Green
Dale Pretorius
Height180cm Chest118cm Waist112cm Inseam68cm Collar46cm Sleeve56cm Suit129cm/61 HairBald EyesHazel
Damien Knox
Height188cm Chest107cm Waist38cm Inseam66cm Collar45cm Sleeve94cm Suit103cm/50.5 HairBald EyesBlue
Damien Wallace
Height196cm Chest106cm Waist98cm Inseam45cm Collar36cm Sleeve91cm Suit115cm/55 HairBrown EyesBrown
Dan Faleafa
Height191cm Chest102cm Waist83cm Inseam86cm Collar40cm Sleeve87cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairBlonde EyesBlue
Daniel Cutmore
Height170cm Chest81cm Waist84cm Inseam71cm Collar41cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairDirty Blonde EyesBlue/Green
daniel downey
Daniel Knights
Height190cm Chest115cm Waist105cm Inseam67cm Collar25cm Sleeve53cm Suit114cm/55 Suit LengthL Shoe46.5 EU/11.5 UK HairBrown EyesBlue
Daniel Nicol
Height171cm Chest86cm Waist76cm Inseam82cm Collar37cm Sleeve54cm Suit86cm/44 HairBrown EyesBlue/Green Age18
Daniel Pearson
Height173cm Chest107cm Waist82cm Inseam43cm Collar31cm Sleeve48cm Suit83cm/42.5 HairBlack EyesGreen
Daniel Richards
Height180cm Chest109cm Waist89cm Inseam84cm Collar43cm Sleeve58cm Suit112cm/54 HairChestnut EyesBlue
Darren McColl
Height110cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar26cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBlack EyesBlack Age5
Darren Wu
Height175cm Chest107cm Waist98cm Inseam80cm Collar41cm Sleeve64cm Suit107cm/52 HairBrown EyesBrown
Dave Acraman
Height189cm Chest102cm Waist70cm Inseam74cm Collar43cm Sleeve56cm Suit109cm/53 HairDirty Blonde EyesBlue/Grey
Dave Leigh
Height173cm Chest97cm Waist93cm Inseam88cm Collar42cm Sleeve60cm Suit100cm/49.5 Suit LengthR Shoe26 EU/8.5 UK (kids) HairBrown EyesBrown
David Maida
Height183cm Chest102cm Waist81cm Inseam86cm Collar41cm Sleeve62cm Suit96cm/48 HairBrown EyesGreen
Davis White
Height179cm Chest117cm Waist112cm Inseam40cm Collar50cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairGrey EyesBrown
Dean McLeod
Height187cm Chest107cm Waist93cm Inseam73cm Collar39cm Sleeve53cm Suit106cm/52 HairBrown EyesGreen
Denny Boechat
Height188cm Chest122cm Waist122cm Inseam81cm Collar46cm Sleeve139cm Suit122cm/58 HairBald EyesGreen/Grey
Derek Leach
Height136cm Chest70cm Waist71cm Inseam71cm Collar40cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBlack EyesBlack Age13
Dhruv Mahajan
Height175cm Chest109cm Waist82cm Inseam80cm Collar39cm Sleeve59cm HairBlack EyesBrown
Digvijay Singh
Height176cm Chest82cm Waist72cm Inseam67cm Collar35cm Sleeve61cm Suit95cm/47.5 HairDark Blonde EyesBrown Age17
Dom Fransen
Height181cm Chest95cm Waist92cm Inseam77cm Collar48cm Sleeve57cm Suit96cm/48 HairBlonde EyesHazel
Dominic Earnshaw
Height185cm Chest72cm Waist84cm Inseam89cm Collar39cm Sleeve73cm Suit96cm/48 HairBrown EyesBrown
Dylan Parker
Height173cm Chest104cm Waist102cm Inseam69cm Collar41cm Sleeve65cm Suit96cm/48 HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Eduardo Cornier
Height178cm Chest98cm Waist89cm Inseam74cm Collar40cm Sleeve50cm Suit89cm/45 HairBlack EyesBlack
Edvin Pabon
Height185cm Chest107cm Waist96cm Inseam76cm Collar38cm Sleeve65cm Suit104cm/51 Suit LengthL Shoe46 EU/11 UK HairSalt and Pepper EyesBrown
Eli Guttenbeil
Height178cm Chest87cm Waist80cm Inseam83cm Collar36cm Sleeve58cm Suit92cm/46 HairDark Brown EyesBrown Age14
Elliot Harris
Height173cm Chest110cm Waist92cm Inseam100cm Collar41cm Sleeve40cm Suit101cm/50 HairBrown EyesBrown
Emil Pienaar
Height170cm Chest112cm Waist112cm Collar46cm Suit117cm/56 Suit LengthR Shoe27.5 EU/9.5 UK (kids) HairBlack EyesBrown
Eric Grae
Height146cm Chest77cm Waist74cm Inseam63cm Collar43cm Sleeve46cm Suit83cm/42.5 Shoe21.5 EU/5 UK (kids) Size9 - 10 HairBlack EyesBlack Age9
Ethan Gith
Height146cm Chest77cm Waist64cm Inseam48cm Collar32cm Sleeve44cm Suit137cm/64 HairBlonde EyesBlue/Green Age12
Ethan Storey
Height180cm Chest96cm Waist84cm Inseam78cm Collar37cm Sleeve84cm Suit102cm/50 HairDark Brown EyesGreen
Ethan Wellington
Height166cm Chest88cm Waist70cm Inseam42cm Collar35cm Sleeve45cm Suit86cm/44 HairBrown EyesBrown
Felipe Ferreira
Height184cm Chest100cm Waist80cm Inseam87cm Collar39cm Sleeve52cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesBrown
Felipe Oliveira
Height179cm Chest81cm Waist73cm Inseam45cm Collar36cm Sleeve48cm Suit83cm/42.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Fenton Lewis
Height177cm Chest101cm Waist92cm Inseam40cm Collar38cm Sleeve55cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Fernando Peralta
Height135cm Chest74cm Waist65cm Inseam55cm Collar32cm Sleeve47cm Shoe19.5 EU/3 UK (kids) Size9 - 10 HairLight Blonde EyesBlue Age9
Finn Mullinger
Height184cm Chest95cm Waist83cm Inseam84cm Collar38cm Sleeve79cm Suit95cm/47.5 HairBlonde EyesGreen/Grey
Floyd Pepper
Height195cm Chest104cm Waist94cm Inseam82cm Collar40cm Sleeve66cm Suit96cm/48 Shoe48 EU/12.5 UK HairBrown EyesHazel
Frank Schatz
Height168cm Chest91cm Waist81cm Inseam77cm Collar35cm Sleeve52cm Suit92cm/46 HairGrey EyesBrown
Frank Webb
Height173cm Chest105cm Waist105cm Inseam41cm Collar43cm Sleeve44cm Suit96cm/48 HairBrown Venetian EyesBrown
Gavin Jones
Height185cm Chest133cm Waist45cm Inseam53cm Collar48cm Sleeve59cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
George Spies
Height173cm Chest101cm Waist95cm Inseam76cm Collar38cm Sleeve82cm Suit105cm/51.5 HairGrey EyesGreen
Gerhard Lutz
Height173cm Chest110cm Waist91cm Inseam74cm Collar43cm Sleeve61cm Suit106cm/52 HairBlack EyesBlack
Githesh George
Height176cm Chest114cm Waist114cm Inseam77cm Collar44cm Sleeve66cm Suit114cm/55 HairBald EyesGreen/Grey
Glen Alexander-Jones
Height182cm Chest120cm Waist120cm Inseam70cm Collar51cm Sleeve40cm Suit110cm/53.5 Suit LengthXL HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Glynn Parry
Height183cm Chest112cm Waist92cm Inseam80cm Collar42cm Sleeve46cm Suit94cm/47 Suit LengthL Shoe45 EU/10.5 UK HairBald EyesBrown
Graham Cutts
Height175cm Chest107cm Waist96cm Inseam75cm Collar43cm Sleeve55cm Suit107cm/52 HairAuburn Red EyesHazel
Graham Glover
Height191cm Chest122cm Waist96cm Inseam117cm Collar35cm Sleeve130cm Suit102cm/50 HairBrown EyesBlue
Greg Jonkers
Height179cm Chest114cm Waist89cm Inseam80cm Collar43cm Sleeve61cm Suit100cm/49.5 HairBald EyesBlue
Guillaume Moreau
Height175cm Chest104cm Waist84cm Inseam84cm Collar39cm Sleeve59cm Suit97cm/48 HairBlack EyesBrown
Gurpal Singh
Height188cm Chest112cm Waist99cm Inseam87cm Collar43cm Sleeve60cm Suit112cm/54 HairDark Brown EyesBlue/Green
Hagan Ross
Height185cm Chest96cm Waist86cm Inseam77cm Collar42cm Sleeve82cm Suit96cm/48 HairDark Brown EyesHazel
Hakaia Daly
Height183cm Chest76cm Waist81cm Inseam90cm Collar38cm Sleeve47cm Suit87cm/44 HairDark Black EyesAmber
Hami Mahdavi
Height170cm Chest74cm Waist76cm Inseam85cm Collar41cm Sleeve76cm Suit97cm/48 HairBlack EyesBrown
Hamish Tailor
Height174cm Chest103cm Waist99cm Inseam64cm Collar48cm Sleeve54cm Suit134cm/63 HairAuburn Red EyesGreen
Hans Geerts
Height61cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesGreen Age13
Harrison Gillon
Height144cm Chest68cm Waist60cm Inseam58cm Collar35cm Sleeve50cm Suit117cm/56 HairBrown EyesBrown Age11
Harvey Klap
Height102cm Shoe28 EU/10 UK (kids) Size4T HairLight Brown EyesBlue Age4
Harvey O'Neill
Height183cm Chest99cm Waist88cm Inseam64cm Collar41cm Sleeve50cm Suit104cm/51 HairBrown EyesBrown
Hayden Day
Height167cm Chest106cm Waist104cm Inseam71cm Collar44cm Sleeve58cm Suit104cm/51 HairBrown EyesBlue
Hayden Noyer
Height74cm Chest54cm Waist53cm Inseam40cm Collar30cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairAsh Blonde EyesBrown Age2
Hemi Rofe
HairBlonde EyesBrown Age8
Henry Blakeman
Height85cm Chest50cm Waist47cm Inseam50cm Collar30cm Sleeve42cm Suit86cm/44 HairDark Blonde EyesHazel Age3
Hudson Barrell
Height185cm Waist90cm HairBlack EyesBlack
Humayun Khan
Height167cm Chest93cm Waist92cm Inseam47cm Collar37cm Sleeve60cm Suit93cm/46.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Hursh Saha
Height167cm Chest100cm Waist95cm Inseam70cm Collar43cm Sleeve51cm Suit104cm/51 HairGrey EyesBrown
Ian Armstrong
Height190cm Chest94cm Waist83cm Inseam46cm Collar41cm Sleeve81cm Suit94cm/47 Shoe48 EU/12.5 UK HairDark Blonde EyesBlue/Green
Jack Brabham
Height120cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 Size6 HairLight Brown EyesBlue/Green Age7
Jack Forbes
Height178cm Chest97cm Waist80cm Inseam85cm Collar37cm Sleeve77cm Suit100cm/49.5 HairBrown EyesBlue/Green Age17
Jack George
Height187cm Chest101cm Waist77cm Inseam86cm Collar40cm Sleeve77cm Suit101cm/50 HairBrown EyesBrown
Jackson Blomfield
Height185cm Chest97cm Waist107cm Inseam87cm Collar37cm Sleeve57cm Suit114cm/55 HairBlack EyesBlue/Grey
Jade Beckhouse
Height173cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 Suit LengthS Shoe44 EU/9.5 UK Size14 - 16 HairBrown EyesBlue/Green Age14
James Cassidy
Height100cm Waist42cm Size6 HairBlonde EyesBlue/Grey Age6
James Oddy
Height200cm Chest98cm Waist94cm Inseam77cm Collar42cm Sleeve69cm Suit89cm/45 HairBlonde EyesBlue Age17
Jamie Dyet
Height165cm Chest101cm Waist84cm Inseam45cm Collar40cm Sleeve120cm Suit91cm/46 HairBlack EyesHazel
Jamie George
Height173cm Chest93cm Waist76cm Inseam75cm Collar36cm Sleeve60cm Suit93cm/46.5 HairBlonde EyesBlue/Grey Age14
Jamie Hunter
Height173cm Chest91cm Waist79cm Inseam76cm Collar40cm Sleeve58cm Suit90cm/45.5 Suit LengthR Shoe42 EU/8 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Jamie Stevens
Height160cm Chest70cm Waist66cm Inseam48cm Collar28cm Sleeve48cm Suit125cm/59 HairDark Brown EyesBrown Age13
Jamie Watters
Height188cm Chest90cm Waist100cm Inseam64cm Collar41cm Sleeve58cm Suit120cm/57 HairBrown EyesGreen
Jarrod Hill
Height181cm Chest94cm Waist84cm Inseam76cm Collar45cm Sleeve65cm Suit103cm/50.5 Shoe47.5 EU/12 UK HairBrown EyesBlue/Green
Jarvis Penn
Height169cm Chest120cm Waist112cm Inseam66cm Collar44cm Sleeve49cm Suit110cm/53.5 Shoe43 EU/9 UK HairBrown EyesGreen
Jason Lilley
Height180cm Chest85cm Waist72cm Inseam85cm Collar30cm Sleeve55cm Suit92cm/46 HairBlack EyesBrown Age18
Javiyah Nikoia
Height131cm Chest73cm Waist65cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairStrawberry Blonde EyesHazel Age9
Jaxon Wilkinson
Height175cm Chest107cm Waist94cm Inseam85cm Collar43cm Sleeve61cm Suit89cm/45 HairBlack EyesBlack
Jean Carlock Murillo Tombe
Height188cm Chest115cm Waist40cm Inseam40cm Collar43cm Sleeve40cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairBlack EyesBlack
Jeffin Tharayil
Height170cm Chest96cm Waist81cm Inseam77cm Collar46cm Sleeve81cm Suit96cm/48 Suit LengthL Shoe41 EU/7.5 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Jere Jot
Height188cm Chest109cm Waist103cm Inseam79cm Collar41cm Sleeve54cm Suit92cm/46 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue/Green
Jeremy Graham
Height180cm Chest85cm Waist80cm Inseam65cm Collar25cm Sleeve45cm Suit81cm/42 HairDark Brown EyesBlue
Jeremy Saunders
Height180cm Chest122cm Waist121cm Inseam79cm Collar50cm Sleeve56cm Suit137cm/64 HairBrown EyesBrown
Jeremy Smith
Height168cm Chest106cm Waist81cm Inseam46cm Collar32cm Sleeve59cm Suit106cm/52 HairBlack EyesBlack
Jesus Sanchez
Height170cm Chest47cm Waist84cm Inseam45cm Collar38cm Sleeve51cm Suit84cm/43 HairAsh Blonde EyesBlue
Jez Smith
Height185cm Chest50cm Waist87cm Inseam49cm Collar41cm Sleeve67cm Suit119cm/57 HairBrown EyesBlue/Green
jimmy mcfarland
Height184cm Chest96cm Waist81cm Inseam85cm Collar40cm Sleeve57cm Suit81cm/42 Suit LengthR Shoe30.5 EU/12 UK (kids) HairDark Black EyesGreen
Joe Cussons
Height179cm Chest91cm Waist78cm Collar41cm Suit91cm/46 Suit LengthR Shoe26.5 EU/9 UK (kids) HairLight Brown EyesHazel
Johan Potgieter
Height177cm Chest95cm Waist84cm Inseam108cm Collar32cm Sleeve46cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairBald EyesBlue
John Schaeffer
Height204cm Chest50cm Waist56cm Inseam51cm Collar35cm Sleeve45cm Suit108cm/52.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Jonathan Faasalele
Height187cm Chest101cm Waist100cm Inseam80cm Collar42cm Sleeve58cm Suit99cm/49 Suit LengthL Shoe44.5 EU/10 UK HairDark Brown EyesBlue/Grey
Jonathan (Jono) Freebairn
Height191cm Chest99cm Waist90cm Inseam110cm Collar43cm Sleeve86cm Suit107cm/52 Shoe44 EU/9.5 UK HairDirty Blonde EyesBlue
Jono Entwistle
Height100cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBald EyesBlue Age2
Jordan Baird
Height183cm Chest92cm Waist82cm Inseam82cm Collar37cm Sleeve84cm Suit82cm/42.5 HairDark Brown EyesGreen/Brown
Jordan Nedkov
Height184cm Chest91cm Waist77cm Inseam80cm Collar35cm Sleeve57cm Suit81cm/42 Suit LengthS Shoe44.5 EU/10 UK HairBrunette EyesGreen/Brown
Jordan Turner
Height176cm Chest98cm Waist82cm Inseam76cm Collar30cm Sleeve109cm Suit112cm/54 HairGrey EyesBrown
Joseph Marsters
Height186cm Chest105cm Waist97cm Inseam80cm Collar40cm Shoe46 EU/11 UK HairAsh Blonde EyesGreen/Brown
Joshua Boa
Height191cm Chest105cm Waist80cm Inseam81cm Collar41cm Sleeve94cm Suit106cm/52 HairBrown EyesBrown
Joshua Howard
Height196cm Chest87cm Waist81cm Inseam95cm Collar36cm Sleeve96cm Suit98cm/48.5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Joshua Lowe
Height170cm Chest103cm Waist87cm Inseam81cm Collar43cm Sleeve41cm Suit97cm/48 Suit LengthS Shoe42 EU/8 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Jozef Filo
Height190cm Chest96cm Waist87cm Inseam80cm Collar38cm Sleeve65cm Suit88cm/44.5 HairDark Black EyesGreen/Brown
Jude Lawrence
Height188cm Chest82cm Waist70cm Inseam87cm Collar34cm Sleeve54cm Suit85cm/43.5 HairBrown EyesGreen
Julian Gillespie
Height173cm Chest89cm Waist77cm Inseam81cm Collar36cm Sleeve81cm Suit89cm/45 Suit LengthR HairDark Red EyesBlue/Green
Justin Cernoy
Height183cm Chest108cm Waist102cm Inseam78cm Collar49cm Sleeve61cm Suit102cm/50 HairBlack EyesBrown
Justin Lai
Height177cm Chest114cm Waist79cm Inseam66cm Collar31cm Sleeve74cm Suit103cm/50.5 HairDark Black EyesBrown
Karan Gulati
Height185cm Chest109cm Waist86cm Inseam59cm Collar26cm Sleeve66cm Suit89cm/45 HairDark Brown EyesHazel
Kasey Anderson
Height176cm Chest81cm Waist68cm Inseam76cm Collar37cm Sleeve89cm Suit81cm/42 HairBrown EyesBrown
Keaton Erasmus
Height183cm Chest95cm Waist80cm Inseam70cm Collar42cm Sleeve64cm Suit86cm/44 HairBlack EyesBrown
Keepa Cherrington
Height177cm Chest79cm Waist70cm Inseam48cm Collar37cm Sleeve61cm Suit84cm/43 HairDark Brown EyesBrown Age15
Kenton Kerr
Height182cm HairChestnut EyesBlue
Kevin Blakeman
Height168cm Chest96cm Waist86cm Inseam72cm Collar41cm Sleeve53cm Suit97cm/48 HairBlack EyesGreen
Kevin Orlando
Height105cm Chest60cm Waist54cm Inseam40cm Collar33cm Sleeve40cm Suit86cm/44 HairBlack EyesBlue Age3
Kobe Arana
Height183cm Chest103cm Waist95cm Inseam70cm Collar41cm Sleeve77cm Suit103cm/50.5 Shoe45.5 EU/10.5 UK HairBlonde EyesBrown
Kyle Millward
Height126cm Chest61cm Waist54cm Inseam58cm Collar29cm Sleeve41cm Suit114cm/55 HairBlonde EyesBlue Age10
Lachlan Wilkinson
Height126cm Chest59cm Waist61cm Inseam58cm Collar27cm Sleeve51cm Suit107cm/52 Suit LengthL Shoe19 EU/2.5 UK (kids) Size7 - 8 HairBrown EyesHazel Age7
Lewis Yerbury-Wilson
Height170cm Chest113cm Waist97cm Inseam79cm Collar43cm Sleeve58cm Suit96cm/48 HairDark Brown EyesGreen/Brown
Liam Watling
Height80cm Chest30cm Waist35cm Inseam40cm Collar25cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 Shoe19.5 EU/3 UK (kids) Size12 - 18 months HairBlonde EyesBlue Age19 Months
Lincoln Roose
Height105cm Chest55cm Waist55cm Inseam45cm Collar30cm Sleeve40cm Suit81cm/42 HairBlonde EyesBlue Age5
Lincoln Smith
Height184cm Chest101cm Waist81cm Inseam91cm Collar38cm Sleeve63cm Suit91cm/46 HairDark Brown EyesHazel
Logan Jessop
Height193cm Chest95cm Waist85cm Inseam89cm Collar36cm Sleeve68cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairBrown EyesBrown
Lorenzo Pietribiasi
Shoe21.5 EU/5 UK (kids) Size12 - 18 months HairBlonde EyesBlue Age2
Louie O'Neill
Height53cm Waist60cm Size10 HairBrown EyesBrown Age11
Louis Robinson
Height181cm Chest104cm Waist86cm Inseam82cm Collar39cm Sleeve61cm Suit103cm/50.5 HairBlack EyesBrown Age17
Luca Harris
Height184cm Chest41cm Waist38cm Inseam86cm Collar43cm Sleeve48cm Suit94cm/47 HairAuburn EyesBlue
Lucas Metcalfe
Height166cm Chest76cm Waist63cm Inseam72cm Collar31cm Sleeve63cm Suit81cm/42 HairLight Brown EyesBrown Age14
Lucas Wallace-smith
Height185cm Chest97cm Waist84cm Inseam81cm Collar38cm Sleeve58cm Suit84cm/43 HairBlonde Venetian EyesBlue/Grey
Luke Burnett
Height166cm Chest86cm Waist74cm Inseam74cm Collar37cm Sleeve44cm Suit92cm/46 HairDirty Blonde EyesHazel
Luke McCallum
Height188cm Chest103cm Waist88cm Inseam86cm Collar39cm Sleeve82cm Suit108cm/52.5 HairBrown EyesBlue
Lyndon Hood
Height188cm Chest107cm Waist82cm Inseam84cm Collar42cm Sleeve64cm Suit102cm/50 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
Lynn Gruenwald
Height188cm Chest116cm Waist102cm Collar50cm Suit116cm/55.5 HairBrown EyesBlue
Malcolm Bishop
Height172cm Chest98cm Waist89cm Inseam72cm Collar43cm Sleeve76cm Suit89cm/45 Suit LengthR Shoe42.5 EU/8.5 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Mani Jesus Fagundes dos Santos
Height176cm Chest90cm Waist81cm Inseam72cm Collar37cm Sleeve63cm Suit90cm/45.5 Shoe26 EU/8.5 UK (kids) HairBlack EyesBlack
Manpreet Singh
Height148cm Chest70cm Waist62cm Shoe38 EU/5 UK Size10 - 11 HairBrown EyesBrown Age10
Marco Fagundes dos Santos
Height168cm Chest90cm Waist76cm Inseam72cm Collar44cm Sleeve60cm Suit93cm/46.5 HairBlack EyesHazel
Marcus Lee
Height173cm HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Marcus Poa
Height132cm Chest62cm Waist58cm Shoe35 EU/2.5 UK Size8 HairBrown EyesBrown Age8
Mario Fagundes dos Santos
Height178cm Chest112cm Waist91cm Inseam82cm Collar41cm Sleeve55cm Suit112cm/54 Suit LengthXL Shoe44.5 EU/10 UK HairSilver EyesBrown
Mark Foster
Height174cm Chest104cm Waist81cm Inseam74cm Collar43cm Sleeve57cm Suit104cm/51 HairBlonde EyesBlue
Markus Kristensen
Height177cm Waist80cm Shoe25.5 EU/8 UK (kids) HairBrown EyesGreen/Brown
Martin Sagadin
Height69cm Chest104cm Waist39cm Inseam76cm Collar41cm Sleeve94cm Suit104cm/51 HairBald EyesBlue
Mason Elliott
Height195cm Chest157cm Waist96cm Inseam150cm Collar51cm Sleeve150cm Suit137cm/64 HairBlack EyesBlue/Green
Mat Connolly
Height152cm Chest71cm Waist63cm Shoe39 EU/6 UK Size10 - 12 HairBrown EyesBrown Age11
Mateo Fagundes dos Santos
Height176cm Chest90cm Waist90cm Inseam65cm Collar40cm Sleeve88cm Suit90cm/45.5 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue/Green
Matt Hair
Height182cm Chest112cm Waist102cm Inseam71cm Collar46cm Sleeve60cm Suit112cm/54 HairBrown EyesGrey
Matt Kelly
Height183cm Chest110cm Waist96cm Inseam78cm Collar43cm Sleeve53cm Suit127cm/60 HairGrey-Black EyesGreen
Matteo Telara
Height184cm Shoe47 EU/12 UK HairBrown EyesBlue
Matthew Doyle