Activation Actors Talent Agency Has 3 Divisions based out of Auckland, New Zealand serving the USA and South Pacific markets:

  • Activation Actors
    • Actors, Extras, Voice, Animals
  • Activation Models
    • Print and Events
  • Activation Staffing
    • Event Ambassadors, Event Photographers, Tour Guides, Temporary Help

Do you relate to any of the following as an actor or performer:

  • The difficulty of making a living as a background actor.
    • Extras/Background actors can generally find steady work, but the pay is not enough to make a living on.
  • The challenges of making a living as a featured actor.
    • Featured actors go from audition to audition, and only a small percentage can land enough roles to make a full time living at it.
  • The pressure to find part time supplemental work.
    • Performers frequently have to find side jobs(hustles) in order to make ends meet and continue their dream.
  • The schedule juggling act
    • Performers also require modular part-time jobs that have flexible schedules to accommodate bookings and auditions.
  • The forced choices
    • Agencies generally specialize in either background acting, being an actors agency, or being a temp agency.

Why not empower choice? Actor, model, extra, tour guide, stage performer or a combination? A balance. Blending artistic expression, income, and steadiness of work?
Why not have it under one agency?

That is our mission.

We do not charge a registration fee. We are free to join.
We won’t sell you a “kickstarter” photo and web package .
You should not be kicked at the start of a difficult but rewarding journey.
We make money with you. Not off you.
It is that simple. We are an artists agency designed to provide the best performance for our clients.

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